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Etopia - a nearby utopia (the Dialogue Civilization)

NOW ALSO IN ENGLISH AND IN KINDLE! A novel which tells about ComplexLab's topics (Theory of Complexity, Cognitive Sciences, Game Theory) sharing a deep dialogue with Poetry, with Religiosity, with Feelings. An utopian society founded on Dialogue, in which little legislative, moral, electoral and cultural changes bring about huge social, political, existential changes. Sometimes, even a butterfly's wings flap may be enough…

21 dicembre 2012 - oltre l'Apocalissi Fredda


“…after the filters were installed into the Shell, for 6 months all political speeches were extinguished, while exhausting political meetings were reduced to a few farewell phrases...”

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A new utopia for the XXI century that cannot wait anymore and that will exist: Etopia.

Little legislative, moral, electoral and cultural changes for huge political, social and existential changes. Sometimes, it can only take a butterfly’s wings flap…

Around such dynamics, a simple complex-system emerges out of the author’s mind, which clearly catches the contradictions and weaknesses of our contemporary age.

A novelized essay? A philosophic-poetic thriller? A green utopia? Surely a new text, with a new Dialogue for a world fractured in a thousand chips – every chip is a great gem.

Between poetry and science, love and religion, feelings and politics, Etopia will appear in the intersection among complexity theory, cognitive sciences and game theory, revealing new vast territories of possible and sustainable psycho-physical Wellness against cognitive entropia and emotional entropia.

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Some friends, in the future civilization of E, live the Dialogue Civilization in different ways.

A “Dialogue Dictatorship”? The question raised by Giordaire about the meaning of this enigmatic oxymoron causes a storm of events: obscure plots and poetic initiatives, domination plans and an audacious rescue of the Humanity, the appearance of a new God, psycho-physical wellness opportunity for everybody, a rebellion against ongoing human entropy and…

You are entering in Etopia, the Dialogue Civilization that promotes and facilitates the realization of dreams for many citizens, pariahs, voters, thinkers, students, workers, investors, lovers…

This novel is published under Copyleft principles: a book not to be kept, but to be given: give your copy to an Other, with your comments, thoughts...

For purchasing the Kindle e-book, it's sufficient to reach the amazon.con site:

- English Kindle version (4,99 $)

- Italian Kindle version (4,99 $)

- Italian Paperback version (11€ + shipping,  cost only in Italy. To speed-up shipments, send an email to )


Enjoy it!


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Nicola Antonucci

Nicola Antonucci

  • Azienda: ComplexLab
  • Posizione: Founder
  • Città: Milano
  • Cell: +393488558073
  • Competenze:
    • Digital Business & Marketing & Financial Development
    • Finanza - Deflazione / Deflation, RoboTrading
    • Facility Management
    • Complessità / Complexity
    • Motivatore aziendale & BioPhysical Spirituality Flow-er
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