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Travel inside Italy or just through Italy?

I propose you a qualitative leap for preparing a Visit inside Italy and its peculiar Spirit, relying on a Pleasure, an Emotion and / or a Feeling - as taught by the Cognitive Sciences. Choose a Tourist Coach with multiple interests and a double native language (Italian and US-English). With the flexibility and affordability of effective virtual tours.

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Travel inside Italy online: Why, How, with Whom?

To make a significant and rapid qualitative leap in preparing a Visit inside Italy, traditional professional guided tours can no longer be enough. Instead, it is necessary to combine this preparation with some requirements of our brain, namely: Pleasures, Interests and / or Feelings. These are the cognitive "triggers" to activate the most effective and persistent learning, memorization and incorporation processes.

The goal is to go beyond just preparing a travel to Italy online, so to be able to travel deep inside Italy and its peculiar Spirit without anxiety and with ease.

For this purpose, it is effective to have a Dialogic Interlocutor with whom to share one or more of these "triggers" according to the "dialogued" themes, interests, curiosities, questions - preferably varied, as for any healthy nourishment.

Furthermore, the interlocutor must have several interests to ensure a variety of topics that are of interest to you, otherwise the travel preparation becomes just a one-way, or almost, explanation, “teaching” and then... routine: the death of any optimal learning and memorization process.

I will share with you, with real-time flexibility and selections, any best tour for your interests using Google Earth to see, meditate, decide step-by-step the best Way inside Italy.

Specific cities and town are very well known and experienced by myself (e.g. Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan, Turin, San Gimignano and otjers…)

Italian Tour online: When, How much?

The need for both savings and time flexibility finds effective help in technologies. Are you short on time, with frequent schedule changes? Are your best moments at home, in the office, in the car, on the beach, who knows…? Do you want to modulate the cost based on pleasure, interest and, of course, the results you get, without commitments?

Simple: just asf for a virtual meeting on the online platform of your choice. Here are the costs (including VAT, when applicable):

  • 1st meeting: 25 € / 30 US$ per hour
  • 2nd meeting: € 35 / 40 US$ per hour
  • All subsequent meetings: € 45 / 55 US$ per hour
  • Package of 10 meetings: 350 € / 420 US$ per 10 hours, therefore with a 23% discount

The booking, billing data and payment will be defined via email, starting from your proposed dates / times, platform and tours planned, by writing to:

Your Dialogic Tourist Coach

I am Nicola Antonucci, born in 1959 in Chicago (USA, with double US & Italian citizenship/passport) and educated in Italy (high school and Polytechnic University of Turin). I cultivate various cultural, scientific, philosophical, professional, financial, tourist, artistic interests... which have nourished various expressions of mine:

I can therefore support your next travel inside Italy, and especially inside an olistic Italian Spirit Experience, with plenty of personal knowledges and experiences.

In short, we will certainly find several topics of common interest (excluding… football, cars and a few other topics  J  ) on which to build your Italian Spirit Experience Tour.

If you think I can help you, with effective and (why not ?!) pleasant Dialogue online, contact me:

All the Best!

Nicola Antonucci

Nicola Antonucci

Nicola Antonucci

  • Azienda: ComplexLab
  • Posizione: Founder
  • Città: Milano
  • Cell: +393488558073
  • Competenze:
    • Digital Business & Marketing & Financial Development
    • Finanza - Deflazione / Deflation, RoboTrading
    • Facility Management
    • Complessità / Complexity
    • Motivatore aziendale & BioPhysical Spirituality Flow-er
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